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About Us

Rest Well:
On A Mobile Mission To Save The World!

Reset Well was created to protect your health and safety, along with everyone around you. We know that the last thing you want when you’re sick is to go to a hospital to see a doctor, so Reset Well brings the testing to you.

We come to your home, your hotel room, or any location in the greater Las Vegas area. We can diagnose what’s going on with you, plus test and vaccinate you. Your call.

Safer, faster, and easier than going to a hospital.

Why We Do It

At Reset Well, we knew that if we made it easier to get diagnosed, tested and vaccinated, then we could really make a difference by keeping everyone a little healthier, starting with our Vegas family.

Why would we do that? Because if we were sick, we would want the process of getting tested and the steps to feeling better more convenient.

Get In Touch

If you want easy access to the best medical care on wheels, give us a call so we can come to you and fulfill our mission to make preventative medicine more convenient, one person at a time.