STD Testing

There Were 28 Million New STI Cases in 2018

We’re not saying that to scare you, it’s just a fact. If you think you’ve been exposed, then you can make a dent in those numbers by getting yourself tested and protecting those around you.

The good news is that many STDs are treatable and Reset Well is here to conveniently test and have your results back to you the same day to relieve your worries and help you take the next necessary steps.

Protect Your Privacy

Don’t worry. Everything we do at Reset Well is 100% confidential. And the best part is that we come to your home or hotel room to test you so that all aspects of testing stay private.

You can get same-day results when you test for:

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If you think you might have been infected, or you just want to play it safe, get the test. You’ll get peace of mind if you test negative, and the right diagnosis and information on what to do next if you test positive.

This is the right decision. Get tested with Reset Well.

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